Our Guarantee


Clients are guaranteed the highest level of expertise and competence.


We understand how important this is. Without accurate information management decisions could be flawed and unnecessary time incurred. We pride ourselves on attention to detail to ensure all accounting is accurate.


All management reports and filing deadlines for which we take responsibility will be met.


All information known by us will be kept with us and at no time released to a third party without the written consent of our client.


We understand in these times, in many cases, the normal work week has to be flexible and therefore we offer a flexible work schedule to be there when you need us.

Full Circle Accounting Services

Closing the gap of your accounting needs

Personal and Small Business Tax

Full range of tax preparation from the basic personal to the complex small business return.
Confidential discussions of your personal and/or business affairs so that we can identify all the areas where you can save tax dollars.

E-file service.

Corporate Tax

Confidential discussions of your business affairs, so that we can get to know the ins and outs of your business, which enables us to maximize your corporate tax benefits.
Timely completion of all corporate tax returns (following the year end financial statements).

Monthly and Year-End Financial Statements

Preparation and review of monthly financial statements as detailed as the circumstances require.
Provided in a timely manner, so that you can use the information in the daily operations of your business.
For corporations, a complete year-end financial package including financial statements.
For proprietor/partnership year end financial statements provided as a package or a one page income statement with your personal tax return, based on your business needs.

Government Remittances

Calculation of P.S.T., G.S.T., E.T.D., E.H.T., Worker's compensation.
Completion of pertinent forms to facilitate filing on time and avoidance of late filing penalties.

Record Keeping

Reasonable rates to perform record keeping, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll (including T-4's) and banking.
Based on the level of service you require.

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