Why outsource your accounting needs?

Payroll is the single highest cost a business will incur. How do you keep this as low as possible and still meet all filing deadlines and obtain the financial information you need to help you grow and make proper management decisions? We provide a cost effective solution in these areas.

We offer reasonable rates.

We will review your return with Revenue Canada in the event of either an assessment or audit.

Our hours are flexible. We can meet with you on weekends and evenings on a year-round basis.

Pick up and delivery of documents for small businesses can be provided.

Full Circle Accounting Services

Closing the gap of your accounting needs

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I haven't filed my taxes for multiple years?
  2. We are able to file multiple years...

    when you provide us with the proper information and documentation. We can also negotiate on your behalf with CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) to extend possible deadlines.

  3. Do I have to deliver my files in person?
  4. We prefer to meet in person...

    for the initial consultation, however we understand how difficult it is for business owners to get away and therefore can arrange for the consultation to take place by phone or email and documents can be delivered. In some circumstances we can arrange to meet at your place of business or a location convenient to you.

  5. What kind of information do you need from me?
  6. At the first appointment...

    we will need all your personal information for all your family members, i.e. full names, birthdates, social insurance #'s, etc. Please supply us with all employment records. If you have financial statements already done for your business, please bring them. We will discuss and advise you of all the information we need by phone or email prior to your initial appointment with us.

  7. How much will it cost me?
  8. We offer reasonable rates...

    Our rates are based on the level of service you require. If you have your income & expenses already totalled and categorized, your fee will be less. Note: If we use the information you supply us, we will not be held responsible for wrong information reported to CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).

  9. Where is the work performed?
  10. Generally the work is performed...

    at our place of business, because we use specific tax reporting software it is just more efficient.

  11. What happens if I get audited?
  12. One of the services...

    we provide for our clients is to mediate on your behalf with CRA when issues arise regarding your file with us.

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